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Consignor Frequently Asked Questions


We receive countless calls and emails from people interested in consigning, and the specifics of consigning. Therefore, we've put together a list of our most frequently asked questions.


What is consigning?

Consigning is a great way to earn money! It's a much less stressful alternative to Garage Sale, Ebay and Craigslist. Consignors prepare, price and enter their items into our online inventory system. They tag each item, and then entrust their sales items to the Lolliposh Team for the duration of each event. Within 7-10 days each consignor will receive a check for a percentage of the items sold. Consignor can pick up what doesn't sell, and bring it to the next event.

What is the difference between consigning with Lolliposh

and consigning at a Traditional Consignment Store/Boutique?

Lolliposh Consignors have many advantages over traditional consignors, through Lolliposh they can:

  • Make up to 75% of their sales vs. 30-50% at traditional stores)
  • Set their own prices!
  • Receive payment within 7-10 days. No waiting for months to see your earnings.
  • Rest assured that hundreds (even thousands) of people will see their items in a span of 4 days

Why Consign with Lolliposh?

  • Earn more money than selling at consignment shops
  • Almost Immediate Gratification! Sell your items quickly, get paid within 10 days
  • Less hassle than listing/selling/shipping items on ebay/ Craigslist
  • Earn 60-75% of sales
  • Sell multiple items easily

Can anyone consign with Lollposh?

Yes. Consigning is open to anyone that is looking for the most rewarding way to sell their outgrown, unwanted yet perfectly great items.

What fees are involved in consigning with Lolliposh?

Lolliposh Consignors pay as little as $12 ($20 if VIP) for registration to participate in our upcoming sale. Percentages vary from 60-75%. See our comprehensive Consignor section for more information.

What is a VIP Consignor?

VIP Consigning is an option we offer to busy moms that don't have the time or availability to prepare, tag and enter their items into our online system. We take care of all of that for you with the help of Super Star taggers. VIPs earn 30% of their sales.

What items can I consign at Lolliposh?

Lolliposh prides itself in the quality of items offered (therefore accepted). We don't accept items that are in less than excellent condition. Outdated, stained, ripped, broken, or incomplete items will be turned away at drop off. Visit our What to Sell section for a complete list.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of items that we can consign?

Due to space restrictions, we have a 250 item limit. Please make sure to bring only your best items.

How should I price my items?

We recommend pricing gently used items at 25-50% of retail (depending on item, brand and condition), however pricing is completely up to each Consignor. That being said, the lower item prices are, the more likely they'll sell. We also advise our Consignors to discount their items, as many buyers come back on our ½ Off sale. Visit our Pricing section recommendations.

How do I tag my items?

Once Consignors register, they will gain access to our online portal. Here they will input their items details and prices. The portal will automatically create bar coded tags with the information submitted. See our Preparing Your Items page, for step-by-step instructions on tagging your inventory.

When do I drop off my items?

After registering, Consignors will have access to our online portal, where they can sign up for their drop-off appointments. All Drop Offs are at the sale location. Drop Offs are typically 1-2 days before the sale opens to the public. Upon drop off, each item will be closely inspected, to ensure it meets Lolliposh standards.

Do I get my hangers back?

Yes (kind of). We let our consignors take home the same amount of hangers they brought to their drop off appointments. We recommend using generic hangers, as we cannot guarantee that you'll get the same ones you brought in.

What happens to the items that don't sell?

Lolliposh consignors can either donate their unsold items to the Non-Profit with whom we're working (and receive a donation receipt) or pick up their items at the end of our sale, after everything has been sorted.

Do consignors get to attend the Private Presales?

Of course! One of the perks of consigning with Lolliposh is that all consignors receive a pass to our Opening Night Private Presale. Get the great picks and buys before anyone else, and shop before the public.

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